Catherine helped us during the very stressful time of buying our first home in Victoria, BC. Catherine started by first reviewing all our financial information letting us know very clearly what our purchasing options were and what our mortgage payments would be ensuring we were able to make our payments and stay within a comfortable zone. Catherine was very knowledgeable about the different mortgages available and ensured we understood the difference between different products. We were not easy clients- over the time we searched for our home we bid on a total of 8 different homes. Catherine was clear about when we could remove our financing subject- which made the process less stressful. When we were successful, Catherine arranged quick turn around on appraisals and approval. Through all of this, Catherine maintained professionalism and optimism which was so important. With Catherine you don’t just get a mortgage specialist but you get the opportunity to work with someone you actually want to spend time with. Catherine is very responsive to phone calls, texts and emails. My husband and I have very busy jobs and work long hours which Catherine always accommodated without complaint and always with the energy we needed to pursue on. There were many added benefits like when we purchased our home she gave us a beautiful gift and even made a donation in our name to a great cause!